Artists, Bands, Dj's, Models, Actors/Actresses and MCs

What We Do For Venues and Events Organisers

Our booking services is available for solo artists and group with their own album or singles, cover artists, bands, Dj’s, MC’s and poets. We will have a complete  website where event organisers can see all our talents portfolio and book online. In other words all artists and entertainers get the exposure. We will connect you with the right venues and events. 

As an artist/ band you will be amazed by how many gigs you have missed out just because the organisers/ venue didn’t have the proper contact details. Thus the exposure is garanteed to bring more gig and more income for your hard work.

Depending on your type of registration we will also provide support after you have been booked through us.  Our main aim is to bring the industry and performance and to a higher level. Registering with us exclusive will ensure that you achieve that in every performance and every venue. How many times you have walked in a venue or at an event just to be disapointed with the sound/ light setup? You’ve had to stand and wait for your slot with no proper seating and catering arrangements? You didn’t have even a table or even enough space to seup your dj equipment or band.. With TBS say goodbye to these useless frustration which affects the way you deliver your performance.


Our award Sound engineer and logistic team will start by drafting your Hospitality and technical rider and ensure that the minimum requirements are met for your optimum performance and comfort each time. We will provide our technical expertise and support where required before (negotiations, rehearsal and your requirements) and during the event (technical support).

TBS will ensure that the event organiser and venue takes care of you while you relax and concentrate on your  performance. We can assure you that we will see an improvement in the level of performance in Seychelles.

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