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At TBS we provide events organisers, hotels, venues, fans and individuals with a complete solution when it comes to searching and booking talents for their events, photography and videography projects. Until now, it has been quite a hassle getting in touch with entertainers, artists, musician and other talents. There has been no platform offering a simple one stop booking for all types of talents. Calling around makes it difficult and time consuming trying to find the talent you are looking for. At TBS we make booking talent as simple as one phone call or simply booking online. We handle all negotiations and ensure your request runs smoothly.
We have the database and knowledge to find the act you’re looking for, no matter the type of event. We can suggest the perfect talent from the vast collection within our books. We cater to all types of themes and take into account the style to ensure you have a suitable act that will fit in hand in hand with the occasion. Entertainers, musicians, talents – they can all be very busy and are not always on hand to answer your calls. In the same breathe, finding their number or contact can be just as hard. Talent booking Seychelles has the knowledge available to answer any questions and are here to serve as the point of contact between our clients and performers. You can deal with just one company who will then deal with one, two, three or even more different acts for you. You will have peace of mind for your event. We will deal with everything talent & show related saving you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to have to have the worry of sorting out any problems, we can take care of it all for you.
Talent Booking Seychelles has been setup by two of Seychelles experienced industry experts. With over 10 years in events, we understand the needs of both clients & talent alike. By having already setup and handle bookings through existing companies, we have the knowledge and contacts to know what works best for your events. Talent Booking Seychelles is a reflection of our care for the industry. Our team has always been devoted to providing quality no matter what the event, project or even budget, understanding different needs have to be catered for individually. By doing this throughout our careers, we strive to make sure all stakeholders get what is expected.​ We are firm believers that despite being a small community and population, talent still needs to be and act professional, and in return be treated as such. And that is the message behind “Talent Booking Seychelles.”
We can offer you more variety than any other platform in Seychelles. Whether you are looking for long-term contracts, individual artists, extras for a series, we can help you find what you are looking for. Not found what you’re looking for, click here so we can find it for you!

What We Do For Venues and Event Organisers

We simplify and facilitate artists and entertainers booking for any event. Wether you already have the artists in mind or not, we can guide you to one which is suitable for any kind of event and venue. Our accumulated knowledge of over 10 years in the industry and working with local as well as international artists and entertainers, enable us to match the correct talent to your event. By having long-term relationships with all our registered artists & entertainers, we can offer you the best deal for your budget. Contact us for more information.  

What We Do For Film Production & Photoshoots

Our database of talent includes a wide range of demographic, genders & experience. We provide descriptions of Actors & Models so you can find the best fit for your production or shoot. Contact us for your next shoot in Seychelles.  

Meet the expert team.

Eddy Telemaque
Meet Eddy! - He has over 20 years in the music industry. Having run a sound production company, he has the technical knowledge to understand what is needed in various types of productions with no compromising on quality. He is also a talented musician which further allows him to understand the needs of musicians and productions alike as well as having great connections in the industry to help you find what you’re looking for.
Marcus Rydin
Meet Marcus! Marcus has worked in Events and Production for over 7 years. Owning both a successful Event and Film Production company, his mission and focus has always and still remains quality. He ensures all aspects of productions are thought out carefully from what the clients' needs to what the talent needs. Having dealt with countless clients and events, he knows where to look to get you the right talent.